Why did I chose this title. I have worked in teaching for a number of years now. Often parents ask me about me. When I tell them that I have a BA in Early Childhood from Kendall here is Chicago the parents of the students seem surprised. I always respond, yes I went to school for this. I don’t know why they are shocked. They leave their babies with me would they not expect the person to be professional?


Week 8 6164

Wait it is week 8?? I don’t want the discussions to end. I have so much to learn. Diversity and equity! One hope that I have when I think about working with children and families who come from diverse backgrounds is that as educators we teach children about multi cultural role models. This way we … More Week 8 6164

Week 7 6164 EDUC

This weeks assignment is kind of interesting we are supposed to imagine that we are working at early childhood setting. We find out that a family who recently immigrated from a country we know nothing about will join your group soon. And we need to be prepared. Luckily I am enrolled in a course about … More Week 7 6164 EDUC

Week 6 Educ 6164

This week in the perspectives on diversity and equity class we were asked to share a memory of an incident where we or someone we know experiences Racism and/or oppression. As some of you know last Thursday there was an announcement of a pending significant amount of snowfall for Friday and Chicago public schools closed. … More Week 6 Educ 6164

Week 5 6163-6 research around the world!🌏🌍🌎

This weeks blog assignment is looks at the European Early Childhood Research Association (EECERA) The first thing about this site is that they have a series of books on Ethical Praxis. Quoting Chris Pascal “researchers are also increasingly expected to demonstrate the impact of their work and its contribution to the social, economic and educational … More Week 5 6163-6 research around the world!🌏🌍🌎