Why did I chose this title. I have worked in teaching for a number of years now. Often parents ask me about me. When I tell them that I have a BA in Early Childhood from Kendall here is Chicago the parents of the students seem surprised. I always respond, yes I went to school for this. I don’t know why they are shocked. They leave their babies with me would they not expect the person to be professional?


Week 8 Educ 6165

Last week!! Communication takes a lot of work. A lot of it is intentional. If we want to communicate we must be intentional with what we want to say but also in our listening. Thanks Jasmine, LaQwanda, Dejon, Stephanie, Makeya, Andrea, Jasmine. And Dr. Parrish. The last eight weeks we communicated via discussion boards and … More Week 8 Educ 6165

Week 6 EDUC 6165

This week we are continuing our look at teambuilding. Our question is as we have learned to be in groups what can be learned from high performing groups. When the group is high performing everybody can become independent and work independently. One of my classmates spoke about a team that she was on that the … More Week 6 EDUC 6165

Week 5 6165 EDUC

This week we are to think about disagreements or conflicts we have recently experienced. One strategy that I am practicing and I’m sad to say I struggle with is defending myself or standing up for myself, or Share my point of view. Often someone will say something and I will let it eat at me … More Week 5 6165 EDUC

EDUC 6165

Week four. This week we had to look at a ambiguous photo of a lady. We had to assigned attributes to her. I have a little a-ha moments as I read over my classmates responses. One thing that I found humorous was that we all made her out to be a Democrat. And I wonder … More EDUC 6165

Week 3 6165 Cultural Diversity and Communication

This week we are invited to speak about communication.? Do you find yourself communicating differently with people from different groups and cultures? My answer is an overwhelming yes. According to Interpersonal Communications Relating To Others I like this part of selection from this week resources , it’s states “intercultural communication occurs when individuals or groups … More Week 3 6165 Cultural Diversity and Communication

Week 8 6164

Wait it is week 8?? I don’t want the discussions to end. I have so much to learn. Diversity and equity! One hope that I have when I think about working with children and families who come from diverse backgrounds is that as educators we teach children about multi cultural role models. This way we … More Week 8 6164

Week 7 6164 EDUC

This weeks assignment is kind of interesting we are supposed to imagine that we are working at early childhood setting. We find out that a family who recently immigrated from a country we know nothing about will join your group soon. And we need to be prepared. Luckily I am enrolled in a course about … More Week 7 6164 EDUC

Week 6 Educ 6164

This week in the perspectives on diversity and equity class we were asked to share a memory of an incident where we or someone we know experiences Racism and/or oppression. As some of you know last Thursday there was an announcement of a pending significant amount of snowfall for Friday and Chicago public schools closed. … More Week 6 Educ 6164