Why did I chose this title. I have worked in teaching for a number of years now. Often parents ask me about me. When I tell them that I have a BA in Early Childhood from Kendall here is Chicago the parents of the students seem surprised. I always respond, yes I went to school for this. I don’t know why they are shocked. They leave their babies with me would they not expect the person to be professional?


Sharing web resourcesw

This week talking about any newsletters that we may have subscribed to. I reached out to world forum foundation and ask them if it they had any more information on outdoor daycare’s. They connected me with nature explore.org. When I looked at this website it was a workshop in Wauconda Illinois coming up in September. … More Sharing web resourcesw

Expanding resources

This week we were given the assignment to look at the world form foundation.Ord/WF/about and to look at the world forum foundation.Ord/WF/radio. I looked at the foundations podcasts. I looked at the world forum since I am a huge fan of outdoor kindergartens a nature. I was immediately drawn to the article from Amelia Gambetti. … More Expanding resources


“There’s nothing more fascinating to watch than two human beings embarking on a common goal and working together to take their place as part of a bigger dream.”Sachin Tendulkar

Daily Supports

Well I have many supports in my life.1) My Phone! I use SIRI reminder all the time. If I'm driving I remember something for school, work, church, I just asked Siri to remind me. If I'm at work and I need to do something when I get home at night I just asked Siri to … More Daily Supports


"Play is often overlooked as the key that helps unlock the door to learning" Mary Reilly 1974