Why did I chose this title. I have worked in teaching for a number of years now. Often parents ask me about me. When I tell them that I have a BA in Early Childhood from Kendall here is Chicago the parents of the students seem surprised. I always respond, yes I went to school for this. I don’t know why they are shocked. They leave their babies with me would they not expect the person to be professional?


Week 5 6163-6 research around the world!🌏🌍🌎

This weeks blog assignment is looks at the European Early Childhood Research Association (EECERA) The first thing about this site is that they have a series of books on Ethical Praxis. Quoting Chris Pascal “researchers are also increasingly expected to demonstrate the impact of their work and its contribution to the social, economic and educational … More Week 5 6163-6 research around the world!🌏🌍🌎

Educ 6163-6 wk

Research that benefits children and families. I wanted to share with all of you a great article on the 0 to 3 website. I actually shared this via the classroom newsletter a few months ago. The article is entitled let’s talk about it five ways to build babies language and communication skills from birth. The … More Educ 6163-6 wk

EDUCATION 6163-6 week 2 Personal Research Journey

My general topic for research will be infant nutrition. I think over the years we have heard slogans like “breast is best“ and there is a huge push to breast-feed. And I’m all for breast-feeding but I know that in United States maternity leave varies greatly. When I worked in early Headstart I knew several … More EDUCATION 6163-6 week 2 Personal Research Journey

Week 8 6161-2

Issues and Trends has allowed me to have some great discussions with my co-workers as we sit on the floor playing with the babies. This week, three consequences of leaning about the international early childhood field. This is interesting as the word “consequences “was used during one of our discussion boards and I had posted … More Week 8 6161-2

Week 7

Living in Chicago there are plenty of places that a person can get staff development. Since many centers do it want to pay there are free webinars online and some low cost. I feel a teacher has to pay for most of her ongoing professional development. Here in Illinois there is INCCRA and Illinois Gateways. … More Week 7