I find it harder and harder to work with people who complain all day at work. My Gawd!! How can life be so awful every single minute of the day?  It makes me sad. I chose this as a career. Not as a pit stop. I love being with babies all day. 

Week 7: Ideals from NAEYC and DEC Code of Ethics

First let me explain what is a code of ethics. Code of ethics is a document that outlines the mission and values of an organization. It outlines how professionals are supposed to approach problems. It is the ethical principle based on the organizations core value and their standards to which the professional is held. I … More Week 7: Ideals from NAEYC and DEC Code of Ethics


Today was lovely. Weatherwise in Chicago it was lovely. We took the infants for a walk through the river north downtown area. Interesting people talk to us as were walking. Some people are all just shout out “look at all the babies” today we had some random questions. One lady asked me “where did you … More Wanderings

Educate Yourself WK5

This week I am sharing some things that have inspired me over the years!  Two books that I love are: The Case For Make Believe by Susan Linn Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv Both books are about children and play. Simple play unrestricted by commercialism. Web sites from school list #earlychildhoodeducation. #babiesthink … More Educate Yourself WK5