Sharing web resourcesw

This week talking about any newsletters that we may have subscribed to. I reached out to world forum foundation and ask them if it they had any more information on outdoor daycare’s. They connected me with nature When I looked at this website it was a workshop in Wauconda Illinois coming up in September. … More Sharing web resourcesw

Expanding resources

This week we were given the assignment to look at the world form foundation.Ord/WF/about and to look at the world forum foundation.Ord/WF/radio. I looked at the foundations podcasts. I looked at the world forum since I am a huge fan of outdoor kindergartens a nature. I was immediately drawn to the article from Amelia Gambetti. … More Expanding resources


“There’s nothing more fascinating to watch than two human beings embarking on a common goal and working together to take their place as part of a bigger dream.”Sachin Tendulkar

Daily Supports

Well I have many supports in my life.1) My Phone! I use SIRI reminder all the time. If I'm driving I remember something for school, work, church, I just asked Siri to remind me. If I'm at work and I need to do something when I get home at night I just asked Siri to … More Daily Supports


"Play is often overlooked as the key that helps unlock the door to learning" Mary Reilly 1974

Week 8

Our class is ending. I am sharing some quotes on children and a picture of me at work. The picture of me at work was for our Eric CARLE birthday week. We did 10 rubber ducks party. 


I chose chaos as a stressor on young children. To talk about chaos this week and How it may effect young children  so the definition of “chaos is complete disorder and confusion. There’s a physics definition behavior so unpredictable as to appear random, owing to great sensitivity to small changes in conditions. “. Chaos  isn’t … More Chaos