Daily Supports

Well I have many supports in my life.
1) My Phone! I use SIRI reminder all the time. If I'm driving I remember something for school, work, church, I just asked Siri to remind me. If I'm at work and I need to do something when I get home at night I just asked Siri to remind me. I also use the alarm clock on my phone do I really need an alarm clock to wake up I still set it every night and it wakes me up. Be there from my nightly sleep or from a catnap.
Set reminders in my calendar. I just sent one today to remind me in October that I have to pay for my license plate renewal at the end of October. Or use my phone to keep track of my grocery list.
2)Facebook always reminds me of my friends birthdays. I'm horrible with birthdays but thanks to Facebook. It tells me the day or two before. And I can send them off a private message wishing them a happy birthday before that birthday like a thoughtful friend should. If they live close by I still have time to mail him a birthday card.
3) Going to church. Yep going to church can be a daily support. Keeps me focused on doing good in the hood.

My goodness I would hate not to have my phone. I have been an iPhone fan for the last 5 or 6 years. My phone is always with me. When I leave my house I check to I have my phone, my keys and my wallet. When I'm at work it's on the charger in my classroom. When I'm in the car it's on the charger in my car. At home a Tonna charger and always within arms length. Without my phone I would have to go back to the old method of writing things on my hand. Are used to call it my "palm pilot" LOL. I also used to write things on Post-it notes. And I would have them all in my pockets. Now when I'm working on something like a project for the classroom. I use the notes or I use Pages on my iPhone. This month we are having parents bring in pictures of their children and tell usher they named there child. Rather than writing on a piece of paper I just write it into Pages. Then at home I can edit it, and print it out
Next week it will go next to the children's pictures as part of their all about me while.
I love my phone. I am not ashamed to admit it.

I don't remember anyone's phone number and I don't have too. For someone who is number dexlexic phone numbers of always been a challenge. As a kid I was always the dumb one in the family. Numbers never stayed in my head. But with the phone no one knows that.

Also there is a handy dandy GPS! I love my GPS each day it get me the quickest way to work. Plus I learn different routes and see unique shops, I would not see otherwise.

It is also a handy dandy flashlight. I hate nite lights or lights on when I sleep. But in an emergency this works great.
With out my phone support, I would be forgetful,not a good friend, miss meetings for all the church committees I am on, and be lost.


One thought on “Daily Supports

  1. Your three supports are such good ones! I use my phone as an alarm, phone numbers and GPS, I forget birthdays constantly, so Facebook is one as well. Church is such a good support for me – it is not daily, but it sure does help support me!


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