Relationship Reflection

For me relationships are important because it gives me completeness. I feel like my heart is full. I need to talk and interact with people often. My daughter has grown into a strong woman. She keeps me current, inspired my love to be an ally. She thanked me on Mother’s Day for be unapologetically me and letting her be her.  Rose is my friend and her son Michael has shown me what can happen to a child living with a special need, when a mom is dedicated. I have learned to be a better mom by watching her. My love for Chicago and living and working here. Inspires me and makes me thrive here.

To maintain our relationships my daughter and I text each other during the day. She texts me to stay hydrated.
Rose and I text each other to check in and say hi. We might eat lunch together a few times a month.

Those contacts are important to me. Just a text with a smiley face makes me feel good. 

We are busy, school work, work, house work, social lives but we stay connected. 

Sometimes it is a big event. My friends recently threw me a 50th birthday party. People came that I had not seen awhile and that was great too. Today I am sitting in Nashville with my friend from high school who turned 50. Mutual friends, new friends together. I am shy so I have to force myself to interact. Sometimes it is ok to be quiet and enjoy the people around. I love technology and texting and facebooking. Connecting with people works for me since I am on the shy side. 


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