Week six education 6160 Dash two

This week we are discussing doing children holisticly. What does viewing your child as a whole child mean. From my personal experience I know that I don’t test well I was always labeled as slow. However it wasn’t until I was older that I realized I still could do jobs and do things I loved but I just could not do a standardized test.

According to the reading rockets website there are over two dozen individually administered screening tools that they use to screen children. Having taught in early Headstart and Headstart I know that there are screening tools used and we measured everything from physical development to cognitive development.

Here in Chicago parents can opt out of the yearly assessments that are done in this public schools. However I have learned from working in after school programs here in Chicago that that knowledge is not widely known.
Germany at one time ranked poorly in nationwide assessments. Over 10 years they have made significant gains to increase test scores while decreasing inequality in at school system. They have reduced inequality while raising their math scores between 2003 and 2012 according to an article by Carly Berwyck in an article from the Atlantic daily. Germany at one point had several school systems for high school one that was highly academic one that was middle academic and then one which was vocational. Which led to segregation and inequality. They have since reduced this to the highly academic and to a mid academic. With a chance to improve yourself and change your vocation. Choosing your vocation in high school is pushed strongly in Germany. Having family who lives there my family in the United States was criticized for not pushing academics and for pushing careers.
Albert Einstein has been quoted as saying” it’s the supreme part of the teacher,to awaken joy and creative expression and knowledge.”
No matter how much testing is done, no matter how smart the child is if that passion to be expressive and to gain knowledge has not been awakened the child will not learn.


One thought on “Week six education 6160 Dash two

  1. Sweden also has a high number of vocational schools instead of colleges/universities. I find it interesting how the US compares to the countries we have studied this week,


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