Post Partum depression

This is the second week of the second class at Walden and our blog assignment is to choose a health topic and my choices mental health of mothers. The topic is meaningful to me because my mother suffered severe postpartum depression. She was always a depressed person. And she barely spoke. Her postpartum depression let her to suicide attempts. I only heard small bits and pieces growing up from my grandmother. Who told me my just couldn’t stand me. And would bring me upstairs to my grandmothers apartment naked and just leave me on the bed and walk away. When I had my own daughter I suffered severely also. I hardly remember anything about those early months. According to the world health organization many things can affect postpartum depression including difficulties with our spouses behavior physical violence verbal abuse alcohol use inability to confide in your partner, poverty overcrowding illnesses during pregnancy, problematic relationship with Family, in some countries birth of a girl child where overvaluing a boy child, lack of sustain dedicated practical care afterbirth are some of the causes for post partum depression. Personally I suffered from a problematic relationship with my own family a husband who is physically violent verbally abusive and had alcohol. Also lack of knowledge I just had no idea what to do with the child a baby.

Daughter and I discussed this at length over Mother’s Day. She has decided that if she ever has a child she wants a Doula with her from the moment she had finds out she is pregnant tell her child is at least one years old. She said a person who is knowledgeable and is paid to stick around and make sure that things are moving along well.

According to a study cited in WHO they “investigated causes of death of women up to one year after giving birth in the United Kingdom between 1997 and 1999. Suicide was the leading cause of death responsible for 10% of all deaths. And 86% of the cases it was possible to make a psychiatric diagnosis indicating that 68% of women who committed suicide or suffering from a serious mental illness.” Things don’t seem to be better in a Third World country there was a “study done 42 days postpartum in Vietnam and found 29% of those deaths were attributed to non-natural causes suicide was in 14%”. 

This affects newborn babies and there have been studies done that even say that “newborns of depressed mothers have a Nero transmitter in balance” that a mother who is depressed before birth and gives birth to the child will even do low scores on the Brazelton neonatal assessment.
What can be done to help a woman who is suffering? Respect and courtesy active listening non-judge mental reactions. Women should be closely monitored, provision of increased support. A woman’s on physical and mental well-being nutrition, rest, exercise, self-care, management of sadness and worries.

In rural Pakistan there’s a pilot program called ‘lady health workers’ and they have tried to introduce a method to work with the press mothers and they have shown great success.

source Maternal mental-health and Child health and development in low and middle income countries

Having suffered from postpartum depression and knowing that women need to be honest with the doctors. I find myself looking at the women who bring their babies to the daycare for childcare. There’s one mom in particular I always feel like she has Sad eyes. I’m always trying to engage her in conversation ask her how she’s doing what plans she has. She is married and lives in the area where the daycare is. She is definitely not liking financially. I notice she’s been getting more excited when she picks up her son and he recognizes her. I’m thinking this will help relieve some of the sadness.

NPR had an article July 20, 2011 and title for Chinese mom birth means 30 days in pajamas. In Chinese it is called sitting the month. New moms are expected to sit around in their pajamas not shower. Chinese moms are put on a bland diet and it’s embedded in the Chinese culture it’s about balancing your yang and Yang having someone take care of your baby while you rest up. In modern China they have nurses should teach the moms how to be moms right down to singing of nursery rhymes and I strict diet to help milk production. Kind a like this idea that I’m not sure about pigs feet soup.

What Chinese mom’s birth means 30 days in pajamas NPR


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